About The Cat's Glass

Glass Artist in Ottawa Valley

Born and raised in Waterloo, Catherine aka 'Cat', is a glass artist in the Ottawa Valley. From an early age, Catherine has always enjoyed creating art through various mediums from painting to sewing to anything she could find!


In 2015, she fell in love with glass. Catherine quickly signed up for a class learning various lampwork techniques, learning to take solid rods of glass, transforming into molten glass and then final creations…this fired her imagination.  A few months later she journeyed to Corning Museum of Glass in New York to learn the art of Venetian style blown glass, followed by Fused Glass classes at Current Works of Glass in Almonte. With the support at home and her love of glass continuing to grow, it has allowed Catherine to set up a home studio in Carleton Place, Ontario.

Catherine lets her imagination go each time she is in front of her glass…never really has a plan, just lets the glass flow into beautiful creations. Each unique piece is created by either melting rods of soft glass using a propane/oxygen mix torch, venetian style blown glass is created on the end of a mini stainless steel blown pipe or compiling various types/states of glass forming into fused glass.  Once the lampwork and venetian style blown glass is complete, it is quickly placed in a digitally controlled kiln where it is then annealed for strength and durability. Once annealed, Catherine creates one of kind pieces of jewelry using her glass creations accompanied by sterling silver, fine silk, leather and various other findings. Fused glass pieces are tacked together and placed in digitally controlled kiln, where it is fused together and annealed for strength and durability. These pieces are then finished in frames or other final finishes.

Catherine began sharing her glass with friends and family through Christmas and birthday gifts. Which led to the creation of ‘The Cat’s Glass’, allowing Catherine to publicly share her pieces for all to enjoy! Her pieces are available through various charity events, galleries, artisan shows, online and word of mouth.