Thank you to everyone who made a donation during my `Make a Child Smile` Campaign! Beads of Courage Canada will be receiving 150 glass beads and CHEO will receive $250!! Every little bit helps to make a child smile!

On September 22, 2016, The Cat's Glass made our first donation of glass beads to Beads of Courage Canada. For those who are not aware of the program, it serves over 60,000 children world wide whom are coping with cancer or other serious illnesses and helps the children to record, tell and own their story of courage through beads. The glass beads in which I created/donated will be a part of the Act of Courage Beads. The beads are given to acknowledge the significant milestones in a child's treatment.

Each time I am in front of my torch, I create a few beads which will go towards my next donation to this amazing organization. My love, thoughts, prayers and encouragement goes into each bead I create for the special children that will be receiving them.